JGA | Vol. 5 No. 1-2

Journal of Global Analysis

JULY 2015

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Growth Dynamics in South Africa: Key Macroeconomic Drivers and Policy Challenges

By Themba G. Chirwa and Prof. Nicholas M. Odhiambo

Changing Dynamics of Turkish Regional Policy: Resistance for Multilevel Governance?

By Dr. Ali Onur Özçelik

Testing the Rentier State Theory: The Case of Azerbaijan

By Alper Almaz

Book Reviews

Başak İnce

Citizenship and Identity in Turkey-From Ataturk’s Republic to the Present Day

By Dr. Rahman Dağ

Gerhard Böwering (Ed)

Islamic Political Thought: An Introduction

By Abdessamad Belhaj

Roy H. Ginsberg & Susan E. Penska

The European Union in Global Security: The Politics of Impact

By Jorge Comins

Anna Grzymala-Busse

Nations Under God: How Churches Use Moral Authority to Influence Policy

By Caroline Lancaster