JGA | Vol. 6 No. 1

Journal of Global Analysis

January 2016

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Waltz’ Modesty: Structures Never Tell Us All that We Want to Know – They Tell Us “A Small Number of Big and Important Things”

By Hans Rusinek

The Global Politics of Gay Rights: The Straining Relations between the West and Africa

By Dr. Hakeem Onapajo and Dr. Christopher Isike

Financial Development and Economic Growth in European Countries: Bootstrap Causality Analysis

By Assist. Prof. Dr. Fuat Lebe

Complaint Calls as a Proxy for Perceived Quality: The Turkish Dishwasher Demand Estimation

By Assist. Prof. Dr. Caglar Yurtseven

Book Reviews


Marisa Abrajano & Zoltan L. Hajnal

White Backlash. Immigration, Race, and American Politics

By Dr. Olga R. Gulina

Michael Cook

Ancient Religions, Modern Politics

By Dr. Erdem Dikici

Halim Rane, Jacqui Ewart &John Martinkus

Media Framing of the Muslim World: Conflicts, Crises and Contexts

By Assist. Prof. Dr. Marwa Fikry Abdel Samei

Ingeborg Tommel

The European Union – what it is and how it works

By Assist. Prof. Dr. Ana Isabel XAVIER

Daniel A. Bell

The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy

By Prof. Francis Schortgen